In Cube Defense, events are certain periods when you can obtain a special tower or have benefits. Below are a list of events (note that it doesn’t count game pass sales).

Event Name Objective Reward(s) Status Time Period
Egg Event 2019 Defeat the Bunny Boss 2019 Egg Launcher Finished ?
None Defeat the Alpha Cube Heavy Turret MKII Finished Alpha Stage
None Defeat the Beta Cube Spike Factory Finished Beta Stage
Halloween Event 2019 Finish all of the Halloween Paths and defeat Big Chonk! Or, for a limited time, you could buy the Pumpkin Launcher. Big Chonk defeat: The Flying Dutchman

Limited time Tower: Pumpkin Launcher

Finished ?
Christmas Event 2019 Collect 100 presents from defeated snowmen and defeat Santa! Santa’s Sleigh Finished ?
Trial of Xovuso Defeat Lord Xovuso! First time defeat: Blade Spinner

2.5% chance of obtaining: Lord Xovuso

Ongoing Every Fridays
Winter Trial 50% chance of obtaining: Dat Ice

2.5% chance of obtaining: Frozen Rails

Ongoing Every weekends
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