Below are a list of towers in Cube Defense, the gold cost, and the cash cost. Towers are used to destroy cubes.

Tower Level Gold Cost Cash Cost

Special Towers Edit

Special towers are towers that are obtained in ways other than purchasing or were limited.

Tower Level Required Obtainable? How to Obtain
Golden Light Turret ? Yes Join a game with either xXWEEBYXx or Redguy16 and ask for the tower.
Lord Xovuso 33 Yes Defeat Lord Xovuso repeatedly until you get the tower.
Blade Spinner 15 Yes Defeat Lord Xovuso for the first time.
Heavy Turret MKII ? No Defeat Alpha Cube.
Spike Factory ? No Defeat Beta Cube.
Egg Launcher ? No Defeat the 2019 Bunny Boss.
Pumpkin Launcher ? No Buy it in the shop for 6,666 gold during the Halloween Event (no longer there).
The Flying Dutchman ? No Defeat the Big Chonk(?) cube.
Santa's Sleigh ? No Defeat Santa in Santa's Workshop.
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